Adventure Cocktail

The drink that embodies the essence of Mezcal Cómplice de Aventura

It is usual for brands to recommend different mixologies for their products in order to create variety or something new. We see in the nature of a cocktail the opportunity to create something unique and singular, an integration of elements that make synergy with the essence of Mezcal Cómplice.

This is the reason we made an extensive search, consulting with the best Oaxacan mixologists until we found the perfect combination: Aventura, a cocktail with a fresh and sparkling character inspired by our young mezcal espadin, Cómplice de Aventura.

The selection of ingredients came from a meticulous process in which all human senses were a significant part of its creation. First, mint was chosen from among dozens of herbs, as its fresh scent enhances the subtle caramelized aroma of stout beer. Also, this herb was chosen for its color, which refers to Oaxacan land; a unique place in the world where culture, nature and people meet to live unforgettable adventures. As for the taste, mint was chosen to stimulate the palate and balance the nutty flavor of the beer, the earthy notes and the sweet touch that only the agave espadín of Mezcal Cómplice de Aventura gives to this unique cocktail.


  • Mezcal Cómplice de Aventura
  • Peppermint tea
  • La Madrileña Syrup
  • Negra Modelo Especial Beer
  • Mint leaves
  • Natural lime juice
  • Ice cubes


Live an adventure:

  • Brew two peppermint tea sachets and let them rest in a clay recipient for two hours. It is important that the tea is cold at the time of mixing.
  • Rinse the mint leaves and rub them softly to bring up its aroma.
  • Add ice cubes and the rest of the ingredients to the shaker in this order:
  • 1 oz  La Madrileña syrup
  • 0.5 oz Lemon juice
  • 2 oz Peppermint tea
  • 2 oz Mezcal Cómplice de Aventura
  • Shake until chilled
  • In a burgundy glass, serve the stout beer such as Negra Modelo or dark Bohemia (previously chilled to 5°C) up to ⅓ of the glass, generating foam. Later add the shaker mixture in circular movements to achieve the perfect combination of all flavors.
  • Finally, add a mint leaf to garnish the cocktail.