Why shouldn’t you cool mezcal?

Mezcal is the talk of the town. In recent years, this distillate has become the favorite drink of Mexicans and countless people in different parts of the world.

Given its growth and popularity, it is not uncommon that there are also many myths created around the different ways to enjoy it.

Consuming mezcal in an uninformed manner can be unfavorable and affect the experience of drinking it, causing a waste of this acclaimed Mexican elixir.

One of the most recent myths tells that mezcal can be taken as a cold shot in order to get a better appreciation of its flavor, especially in times of heat. However, this is not real. On the contrary, cooling mezcal seriously damages its flavor.

This is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs, since the cold causes the alcohol to be inhibited and the entire distillation process is altered, affecting the intensity of the notes.

So, how should mezcal be taken? The answer is: at room temperature. Mezcal is a drink that comes from a warm land, so the ideal is to keep it at a warm level. To preserve it, our recommendation is to keep the mezcal bottles tightly closed and stored in a cool place, away from sunlight, so that it optimally preserves all its notes and aromas.

Remember that appreciating mezcal is also knowing how to enjoy it.