Mezcal and the Day of the Dead

Mexican traditions with mezcal

It is said that mexicans always find a reason to celebrate, and an example of this is the peculiar complicity we have with death, a relationship that has been the cause of great admiration and astonishment around the world due to the traditions that we have around La Catrina. A celebration of our country that comes from pre-hispanic times and that, over the years, has developed to culminate in a national holiday without equal: the Day of the Dead.

With an origin that can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the aztecs, mayans and purépechas, then mixed with the ideas of the catholic colonizers, this festivity ended by being a celebration full of color, music, traditional food, and of course, mezcal; especially in Oaxaca, a state where this distillate is a big part of each celebration and important event.

There, the preparations begin several days in advance. The streets and markets are filled with flowers, Pan de Muerto (a special baked goodie made for the occasion), skulls made of sweets, festivity paper, candles, incense, and everything needed for the making of altars, offerings that honor and remember the loved ones who have passed away, a banquet especially made for them, where their favorite photographs, sweets, dishes and even mezcal are placed, what gives a traditional touch to it.

Music, dances, altars and performances, this is how Mexico is filled with folklore during the days prior to the Day of the Dead; however, it is during the early morning of November 2 when the cemetaries are dressed at its best. At a close moment with those who have gone, it is usual to see whole families gathered around the graves, surrounded by flowers, music, prayers, a typical dinner and, why not? a good mezcal to confort the soul, to accompany the food and to toast for the memory of those who are no longer with us.

At Mezcal Cómplice, we believe in the traditions and the importance of the culture that is part of the world of mezcal, that is why we invite you to celebrate life on this special date in the company of your accomplices, remembering with love those who already left and enjoying the night together with those who still are with us.